Secure Use of LLMs

Last Updated April 16, 2024

GenDB: Using Enterprise IT Telemetry with GenAI Sensibly and Securly

GenDB is NeuBird’s GenOps based virtual database that allows for secure and sensible read-only access to IT Telemetry to solve an ITOps problem.

GenDB follows the two simple, golden rules of interfacing Enterprise Applications with an LLM:

  1. Don’t send your data to an LLM:

    • NeuBird sends hypothetical and anonymised telemetry to the chosen LLM. All NeuBird does is ask an LLM “if you were to see this type of data and errors and situations, what is the best course of action?”
    • Based on these directives, GenDB will then execute necessary queries on your telemetry – all within your VPC with no data transiting to the LLM.
    • All that is needed to conclude a resolution are the above two steps – iteratively – driven through the GenDB algorithm stack.
  2. Don’t get IP from an LLM:

    • At no point is NeuBird getting IP that would contribute to the novelty of your product.
    • We are not generating code that is used to create your company’s new products or services.
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