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At NeuBird, we are passionate about building the future of real-time reactive IT operations using GenAI.  Using knowledge learned by working in the software industry and creating enterprise grade large scale products, we are transferring that to Large Language Models to combat the explosion of information in IT.

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If you are passionate about creating a new digital workforce that can work alongside humans to create real-time solutions for application infrastructure, we want to talk to you!

If you manage IT operations for your enterprise platform and want to know how this can help you move into the age of GenAI, we’d love to talk to you!

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Our Values

Prioritize customer satisfaction in all decision-making processes. Empower customers with the best solution for their applications and infrastructure.

customer focus

Foster an environment to be creative, explore new ideas, and always stay ahead of the curve.


Always do the right thing and do it to be best for the customer and the company.


Take initiative, responsibility, pride, and ownership of our actions and their outcomes.


Build trust and collaboration by openly sharing information across all levels of the company.



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Navin Chaddha

Managing Partner, Mayfield

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NeuBird Raises $22M from Mayfield to Bring the First AI ITOps Engineer to the Enterprise

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Strictly VC: NeuBird just raised $22 million in seed funding led by Mayfield

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NeuBird Raises $22 Million in Seed Round


NeuBird is building a generative AI solution for complex cloud-native environments

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