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Introducing GenOps:

Cognitive ITOps
using GenAI

Meet Hawkeye - Your ITOps Engineer born through GenAI

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What We Do:

Enterprises cannot keep up with the exploding amount of IT telemetry anymore.

Real time IT operations

Using GenAI to analyze IT telemetry in real time, Hawkeye generates solutions using LLMs finely tuned for Dev, IT and SRE operations.

Let your engineering talent focus on more important business functions.

Let GenAI do the grunt work of creating real time IT solutions so your engineers can focus on what's more important.

Adopt technology faster

Adopting new technology in production can be challenging. If things break, it takes time to fix it, causing you to slow down on innovation adoption. By using GenOps to reduce your time for incident response and resolution, you can push new products to production worry-free.

The modern IT stack is too complex.

Cost of traditional observability accounts for nearly 30% of the IT budget with diminishing ROI due to the complexity of the modern IT stack.






of the IT budget goes toward observability with no actionable outcome.

Yet Another Database
IT Operations still require specially trained engineering staff that know how to work with an array of observability tools that often require yet another database to manage.


of job openings with business services remain unfulfilled

Skilled Teams
Skilled IT Operations engineering talent is hard to come by - And their talent is better utilized on innovation.


increase in annual enterprise compute and data consumption

Infrastructure Growth
As Enterprises deploy new products and services, the demand for more infrastructure and software services only increases.


decrease in Computer and Information Science graduates

We Need to Augment our Workforce
Human power cannot keep up with maintaining our infrastructure as we create more products and services.

Easy. Real time. Single GenOps platform across all your telemetry sources.

Let Hawkeye - your AI ITOps Engineer do the work

What if you could identify a problem, immediately recognize why it was happening, and implement the right solution, all in a matter of minutes?

Hawkeye is an AI ITOps engineer born in the GenAI era and does exactly that.

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Your Favorite Tech, Integrated Seamlessly

“I can attest firsthand to the complexity of the modern IT stack. The time it takes to root cause and solve an issue is about the most important concern for anyone leading IT operations. GenAI technologies like Hawkeye are an absolute necessity as we prepare ourselves for the next decade.”

Justin Fitzhugh
Vice President of Engineering

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NeuBird is building a generative AI solution for complex cloud-native environments

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